One Direction are very much a part of Comic Relief this year, from their cover single to a trip to Ghana.

New footage and insight into the profound effect the African trip had on One Direction, has emerged in recent days. Not only is each lad completely changed after the trip, but Zayn even tears up after seeing just how hard off the children are.

Zayn, Louis and Niall in the Comic Relief Video

When walking around a hospital that would be outrageously under stocked by western standards, Zayn commented:

“I’m a little bit nervous and scared of what I might see,”

They got to see first hand what lives sick kids have in Ghana and how tiny donations can make a huge difference.

“But we’ve come here today to have a look at what our money can do to help.”

Bandmate Louis Tomlinson said:

“Walking through the hospital, it’s heartbreaking to see children so sick,”

“From malnutrition to pneumonia, there’s an air of tension and sadness in the wards.”

It is at this point that Zayn succumbs to emotion and tearfully exclaims:

“This is why it’s ridiculous because it only costs £5.”

Watch the moving video online and of course donate to such an amazing and iconic cause.

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