Simon isn’t going to be happy with this…like at all.


X Factor USA returned to Fox on Wednesday night up against significantly weaker competition on rival networks. The Voice isn’t on air and Big Brother has been on for over a decade, so we really thought it would do well.

All signs were pointing to a steady debut, or even a slight lift in the key 18-49 demographic. When the show debuted for the first time in 2011, the show drew 12 million viewers. Last year it got 7.5 million, with a massive draw card in Britney Spears.

Last night though, the premiere was cut from two hours to just 60 minutes. That and a new judging panel that pales in comparison.

Reports are suggesting that the show barely got over 6 million viewers. This is absolutely terrible not only for talent show standards, but for US TV standards as well.

Budget cuts to the show this year have been reported and Simon confirmed that Boot Camp and Judges Homes have been cut and will be replaced with a new middle section.

Pepsi has also fled the failing show as the main sponsor and has been replaced by Honda…not exactly the same big name, is it?

The show was also BEATEN by Big Brother in the ratings, which is diabolical. Of course, that show has a racist cast member which has been creating a lot of buzz.

The main problem is that the show this season is trying to capture three types of markets. Tween and teen with Demi Lovato, Paulina Rubio to appeal to the Latin community and Kelly Rowland is all about urban and RnB.

Unfortunately, it makes for a splintered show.

While the chemistry is strong between the panel, X Factor has changed too much since the beginning of the series that people have hardly any point of continuity.

The talent show world is totally saturated and if the ratings don’t pick up, X Factor won’t be back for a 4th season!

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