Gorgeous guy George Shelley of Union J is talking about dating one of his fans!



When asked by We Love Pop if he’d consider dating one of the boy-band’s female fans, George replied:


Because the fan world is close-knit,” George added, “and word spreads really fast between them.

And then they’d hate the band, and stuff,” George continued. “So it’s just easier not to date a fan.”

But I’m really bad at relationships,” the “X Factor UK” star admitted. “I get bored!

George recently polled at #6 on We Love Pop’s voting for Most Desired Valentine’s Day Date.

And his Union J pals are currently touring with other “X Factor” stars in Glasgow, where JJ tweeted the band’s fans:

Buzzing to have another 2 shows here in glasgow today. Will the crowd be as loud as last night?? Mmm we shall see!! woop woop JJc

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