The Wanted had the first play of their new single ‘We Own The Night’ today.

But there is some debate as to where it will chart.

The single got it’s first full airplay today (5th August) but is released on Sunday the 11th, so it gives people less than a week to hear it.

This could be pure genius, or pure disaster.

The Wanted boys are in America this week too, so there will be very little UK press to promote the single.

The artwork doesn’t even have the boys on the front of it which is a mystery to some fans.

It seems that this single is just being thrown out without any thought behind it, especially as the single artwork looks as though a 5 year old has been let loose on paint.


One Direction, who have a seemingly bigger fan base than The Wanted released their latest single ‘Best Song Ever’ in a similar fashion, and despite being titled ‘Best Song Ever’ the single only hit an embarrassing number 2 position. If you’re going to release a song called that, it needs to top the charts quite convincingly.

Anyway back to ‘We Own The Night’.

These days, when people hear a song on the radio, they want it straight away, so releasing it straight away means there’s likely to be less illegal downloading of the single, and people might wait a few days to get the proper copy.

But then again with such a tight time frame, and the single’s video not even released yet, those people who aren’t The Wanted fans might not get chance to hear it, unless the actively go looking for it, so that could count against them.

Also with the single artwork being so plain, it’s as though the boys are ashamed to put their faces to the song, and to appeal to young girls these days, their image needs to be on the front so that they can see the boys in all their glory.

Their last single ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ proved popular reaching the number 4 spot, while ‘I Found You’ and ”Chasing The Sun’ went one and two places higher.

The singles they have released ┬ápreviously in a short space of time, ‘Lose My Mind’ and ‘Warzone’ reached a measly 19 and 21 respectively, in the UK charts.

This latest single could shock all and do really well, but with the short time frame for people to hear and buy it, the likelihood is it will just scrape the top 10.

But I really, really, really hope I’m wrong on that one!

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