It is a question which most fans wonder, but just who is the most popular?

We have come up with a few ‘tests’ to determine the winner (at least for the time being anyway).


Round 1: Twitter Followers

Yep this is about as scientific as our little experiment goes!

As we thought Harry is well in the lead with 10,991,448 followers, and with over a million more followers than his nearest rival Niall who has 9,894,110.

Louis comes in third with 9,113,236 people following his goings on. With Liam close behind in fourth with 9,085,825.

Then trailing right at the back with almost ONE MILLION followers less than Liam is poor Zayn who has 8,110,479 followers.

So its safe to say Harry well and truly takes that crown hands down!

Harry 5, Niall 4, Louis 3, Liam 2, Zayn 1


Round 2: Google Fight

This is Google’s fun game where you can compare how many search results there are on google for certain words.

Harry wins by a mile with 42,900,000 results with Louis in second with 17,700,000.

Zayn comes in third this time with 13,100,000 results with Niall in fourth with 12,800,000.

Poor Liam finishes last this time with just 5,770,000. Well I guess he’s not done anything controversial yet.

So points for that round are: Harry 5, Louis 4, Zayn 3, Niall 2 and Liam 1.

Leaving the total scores at: Harry 10, Louis 7, Niall 6, Zayn 4 and Liam 3.


One Direction going on holiday in the Kiss You vid

Round 3: Facebook likes

We checked Facebook and handy for us, all the most popular pages for each boy were created on the same day.
So since 16th November 2012, Zayn’s page has built up a whopping 7,114,253 likes. Our current leader Harry has 5,179,041 likes.

It’s then very close again between Liam and Louis. But Liam takes the crown this time with 3,688,356 likes compared to Louis’ 3,268,986.

Then way out the back is poor little Niall with 2,244,951 likes. How’s that happened? Go and like his page now so we don’t feel so sorry for him!

Scores for this round: Zayn 5, Harry 4, Liam 3, Louis 2, Niall 1.

Bringing the total scores after 3 rounds to: Harry 14, Louis 9, Zayn, 9, Niall 7 and Liam 6.


Round 4: Google Trends

This might look complicated, but it’s really not.


This very pretty graph shows how many times each of the boys have been googled over the past year.

As we can see, the blue ‘Harry’ line is well in front of everyone else (yet again). Zayn’s green line is second while Niall’s weird yellow-y coloured line comes third.

Louis takes fourth place with Liam finishing last again. Poor Liam!

Points for this round: Harry 5, Zayn 4, Niall 3, Louis 2, Liam 1

Total points going into the final round: Harry 19, Zayn 13, Louis 11, Niall 10 and Liam 7


Final Round: Doll sales.

One Direction Dolls

Told you this was not scientific!

Our final round takes into consideration the sales of 6 inch versions of our favourite boys.

Amazon posted figures of how many percent of sales each boy’s figure had. So well in the lead is Niall and his Irish charm with 25.2% of sales. Second is Louis with 21.3%.

Surprisingly Harry only comes in third with 20.4% of sales followed by Zayn with 19.3% and last again is poor Liam with 13.7% of sales. Someone go and buy a load of Liam dolls please!

So last round points are: Niall 5, Louis 4, Harry 3, Zayn 2 and Liam 1.

So the final scores are: Harry 21, Niall 15, Louis 15, Zayn 15 and Liam 8.



It’s a bonus round worth 7 points!

The bonus round is ‘Who would make the best husband?’

And the winner is LIAM!


Who wouldn’t want to marry that face!

So final scores are Harry 21, Niall 15, Louis 15, Zayn 15 and Liam 15!

Harry wins!

What do you think about our final result?

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