Fanboys n’ fangirls of “The Walking Dead” watched the gore-splashed Season 4 premiere of TV’s greatest splatterfest last night, on American TV, and already questions are rising up like members of the undead.


Meanwhile, “Walking Dead” writer Robert Kirkman is dropping hints about the new season’s storyline.

“We’re doing some very new and interesting things with The Governor [played by David Morrisey] in Season 4, as you’ll see,” he told The AP.

He teased: “The new season is about the continuing progression of these characters and their lives, so while we’re still in the prison, it is a very different prison that what we’ve known thus far…

“And [the survivors] have kind of built a little pocket of civilization within those fences,” he added.

Kirkman also spoke about the way the AMC-TV series differs from the comic book series he writes.

“I sometimes am the loudest when it comes to ‘Let’s change things up, and let’s make things different,’” he said.

“We’re all of the mind that the television show is a different animal,” he continued. “So while we’re adapting these stories, we do want to keep things fresh and new for the television audience, just like it was fresh and new with the comic book audience, the first time they read it.”

Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” premieres in the UK on Friday, October 18th, on Fox.

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