Well, the 2000’s so far really have been the years for music videos haven’t they?


It’s not often you’ll see females wearing many clothes, and it wouldn’t be a music video with out women in bikini’s grinding on guys.

Yep, that’s just how it is nowadays. But, who’s complaining?

We’re sure everyone likes a bit of sexiness in a music video. I mean who cares about the music, it’s all about the excitement of half-dressed women, right?

Apparently so. Which is why we’re here to bring you some of the sexiest music videos to date.

And we meant what we said by the title, some of them COULD be X-Rated stuff.

We’ve got a bit of Nelly in there, and Rihanna of course. Oh and who remembers the two lesbians in Tatu? Yep, there in there too.

But, really this all stemmed from Miley Cyrus’ raunchy new video for her track ‘We Can’t Stop’ which made headlines. So, of course she got a mention.

Are you ready? Christina Aguilera is. We gon’ get dirrrrrrrrrrrrrty!

Check it out:

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