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Here’s an unofficial list of the best smartphones in the technology world today:

10. Motorola Razr i

Motorola Razr i

With a cool design and the latest version of android, the Razr i makes #10 on the list. Motorola have been lacking in the smartphone field in the past few years, with Samsung, HTC, Blackberry and of course, Apple being the biggest new phone developers. The Razr has an 8MP camera which is pretty much the best there is on the greatest smartphones at the moment, and is capable of taking good quality HD shots. As with most Android phones, apps are downloadable from the Google Play Store and the phone comes pre-installed with several pieces of Google software such as Maps and Gmail. Unfortunately, the phones internet isn’t the speediest. This could be because of the lack of 4G compatibility which is becoming a standard feature for most new smartphones.

9. Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a large smartphone with dimensions of 151.1 x 80.5mm. It’s almost tablet-sized design may put some people off as may the use of a stylus to control the device. However, it does run the latest version of Android giving the phone a high processing speed and it is also 4G compatible giving it a high internet speed. However, even with the use of 3G, web pages are still loaded quickly. Matching the specs of many leading smartphones, the camera is 8MP allowing for pictures of a great quality to be taken. However, a second 1.9MP camera is installed on the front of the device, allowing face to face conversations to be held. All of the phones great features, and large screen take a toll on the battery though meaning the phone can only be off charge for around 10-12 hours – unless you don’t use it. Samsung have also included their own version of Apple’s Siri, known as the S-Voice. However, unlike the friendly and fun Siri, reviewers have said S-Voice is cold and sounds disinterested. So if you’re looking for an automated friend, the Galaxy Note 2 isn’t for you.

8. HTC One S


The HTC One S was originally released with Android version 4.0, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, but all handsets were later given the option to download an update, replacing their OS with Android 4.1 AKA Jelly Bean. The phone allows you to use Google Chrome as the browser and are equipped with 8MP cameras, which can be loaded up and ready to photograph within seconds. The battery life is also good, allowing you to use the phone excessively for most of the day. However, the phone does have downsides – 4G is becoming a much more prominent feature in smartphone technology, yet the One S is only compatible with 3G.

7. Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 is the follow up to the Lumia 900. The 900 came installed with Windows 7, but the 920 has been upgraded to Microsoft’s new OS Windows 8. Not only this, but the 920 features 4G compatibility, meaning those on a 4G network can surf the web at much faster pace.
All these brilliant features cost money though, with the handset putting you back about £360 ($550).

6. BlackBerry Z10

Blackberry z10

The Z10 is a change of direction for Blackberry. The Z10 almost looks like an iPhone, and sees BlackBerry lose it’s physical keyboard and run it’s new in-house OS – BlackBerry 10. The Z10 is up to date with new smartphone development, coming equipped with 4G compatibility. Of course, the Z10 comes with the popular free messaging service BlackBerry Messenger – typically known as BBM. It also has two cameras, an 8MP on the back and a 2MP on the front. The usual negative for most great phones is the battery life, but the Z10 manages to retain the #6 position with its good battery. For once, BlackBerry have released a decent phone which is popular for more reasons than just ‘BBM’.

5. Google Nexus 4


Google Nexus is becoming a big name in the smartphone and tablet world, and the good-looking, well-sized, smooth-running Nexus 4 phone takes the #5 spot in the countdown. Although it’s not in the name, the Google Nexus 4 is actually an LG phone – not that you’d tell when using the phone. You can switch it on and surf the web on default web browser Google Chrome, buy some apps on Google Play or maybe plan a journey with Google Maps. Yep, this is a Google phone! Running Jelly Bean Android – the latest Google OS – the phone runs quickly and efficiently, but it’s internet speeds let it down, due to the phone not being compatible with 4G. As well as the usual 8MP camera on the back, the handset has a 1.3MP on the front. Overall, the Nexus 4 is a great phone, but with 4G becoming a major new feature on most phones, it might be wiser to buy another phone that will allow you to share the fast web surfing experiences that everyone else will have soon.

4. Sony Xperia T


After reading the rest of the countdown, you’ll get the idea that most of the good phones have an 8MP camera, but the Xperia T takes this further and doesn’t just upgrade it’s camera to a 9MP or a 10MP, but instead has an amazing 13MP camera. As well as this, it runs the latest version of the Android operating system and has a great battery life, meaning you can use the phones features as much as you want without having to worry about the battery kicking the bucket. However, like the Nexus 4, the Xperia T isn’t 4G compatible meaning the internet speed is pretty average, unfortunately stopping the phone from being any higher in the countdown.

3. HTC One X+


HTC makes a second appearance in the top 10 with the fantastic One X+ starting off the top 3. As well as being a great looking phone, the features are exciting too with a 4.7 inch HD screen and the latest Android OS installed. Even though the phone lacks 4G compatibility, the Google Chrome browser that comes pre-installed allows pages to load quickly and efficiently. The standard 8MP camera allows for detailed, good quality, 1080p HD shots to be taken. It also has a 1.6MP camera on the front of the set. It even has a good battery life, meaning the phone takes the #3 spot in this countdown.

2. iPhone 5


Like the previous versions of the iPhone, the iPhone 5 was one of the fastest selling phones ever. Running the fast iOS and using the quick 4G equipped Safari browser means that the phone is speedy and efficient. It sports an 8MP camera allowing for brilliant looking photographs and the recording of 1080p HD videos. The iPhone 5 has a retina-display screen, allowing the phone to have one of the best quality screens around. Of course, the iPhone also features the brilliant Siri, allowing users to talk to the phone to either command the device to do something, or just for a bit of fun! However, like previous iPhones, the battery life is poor, meaning the iPhone 5 narrowly misses out on the #1 spot.

1. Samsung Galaxy S3


It might not look brilliant, but it’s still a brilliant phone. The phone has been updated to Android’s Jelly Bean – the latest Google OS, and has a beautiful HD screen. It features S-Voice, an idea that should match Siri but unfortunately isn’t as good. However, the fast internet speeds and the great 8MP camera quality make up for this. Even the battery life is great, meaning that the overall brilliant Samsung Galaxy S3 takes the top spot in the countdown!

So, what do you think? Is there a great phone that should’ve been in the Top 10 but isn’t? What would you pick as your #1 smartphone? Comment below!

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