Sony’s next generation follow up to the PS3 was announced last night in New York.

I’d like to tell you that the console looks amazing, but nobody knows what it looks like – they didn’t actually show it us.

What they did show us though is the amazing new control pad and a cool new camera device, as well as telling us all about the brilliant new features that will be packed into the new console, which I’m sure will look fantastic when we actually get to see it…

The Name

PlayStation 4 Logo

They’ve stuck with tradition and given it the name PlayStation 4, dispelling the PS Orbis rumours that have been going around.

The Controller

It’s been rumoured for a while now that the classic dualshock controller would be dropped, and the rumours were pretty much confirmed last week when this picture of the prototype was leaked online:

Leaked Image of the PS4 Controller

Yesterday, Mark Cerny, the lead system architect (I think this basically means Head Designer) showed us the new controller in its full glory, without the dull backdrop of a Sony employee’s desk. The official ‘DualShock 4’ is slightly different than the one seen in the leaked image, and features new additions such as a touch pad, new ‘Share’ and ‘Options’ buttons, and a blue light bar which will be detected by a new device similar to the PlayStation Move.

The PlayStation 4 Controller

Pressing the Share button allows the gamer to share screenshots and videos of their gameplay. It can also activate a live stream of the users gameplay, allowing friends to watch online and send comments. If they get to a particularly tricky part of the game, they can pass control over to their online friends who can help to complete that bit of the action.

Overall, the controller looks brilliant – it’s great that most of the original DualShock design is still intact, but they have still managed to make some great additions.

The Light Bar/Camera Device

As mentioned above, the controller has a strip of blue light on the back, which can be detected by the new Light Bar accessory. The accessory is an update on the original PlayStation Move which was originally inspired by the Nintendo Wii.

The PlayStation 4 Camera Device

The Console

As I said, the console hasn’t been revealed yet, but there’s plenty of information about it. It’s been compared to a ‘supercharged PC’ and has an x86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU and 8GB RAM. I’ve no idea what it means – but it sounds great.

Backwards Compatibility and PlayStation Cloud

Like with the PS3, the PlayStation 4 has no backwards compatibility. Your previous PlayStation 1, 2 and 3 discs will become useless. However, this doesn’t matter. The PS3 found a route around this issue by putting the old games on sale on the online store for download. So if you wanted to play a bit of Crash Bandicoot from the nostalgic days of PS1, you’d pay about a fiver and wait for it to download byte by byte.

The PS4 gives us an even better way of getting our PlayStation classics. We can now use the ‘PlayStation Cloud’ to stream games. The main purpose of the Cloud is to allow us pause gameplay on the PS4, before picking up our portable PS Vita and resuming play from where we left off. However, Mark Cerny did say that the software could one day be used to stream PS1, 2, 3 and even new PlayStation 4 games to any system.


The PS4 is a game console, so obviously games are an important part of the release. Several were announced along with trailers last night and here are some of the best:

Killzone: Shadow Fall

A Screenshot from the Killzone Shadow Fall Trailer

A first person shooter by Guerilla Games, Shadow Fall is the fourth game in the exclusive to PlayStation series.

Infamous: Second Son

Screenshot from the Infamouse Second Son Trailer

The third game in the Sucker Punch ‘Infamous’ series, Second Son will be exclusive to the PS4, and it’s trailer features a visually stunning city.

The Witness

Screenshot from the trailer to The Witness

The Witness consists of an amazing looking open world, and will at first be exclusive to PS4, before being released for other platforms.


Screenshot from the DriveClub Trailer

An online-based social racing game, DriveClub is created by Evolution Studios.

Diablo 3

The third game in the ‘Blizzard’ designed series, Diablo 3 will be released on not just the PS4, but also on PS3.

Watch Dogs

A new open world title designed by Ubisoft, Watch Dogs will be released for the PS4. Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot said of the game: “The power and capability of the PS4 allows the Watch Dogs team to further push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible in interactive entertainment”

Deep Down

Deep Down is a brand new title developed by Capcom. The game’s video features a dark fantasy world with the characters being knights fighting a dragon.
Announced earlier this week by Bungy, Destiny is an online shooter that will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360, but will have feature new exclusive content on the PS4.

Final Fantasy

Adding to the already huge series, Square Enix is currently developing a new Final Fantasy title, that will be officially revealed at this years E3 event.


So that’s the new PS4. Lots of amazing new things have been confirmed, but we’re yet to see what it actually looks like, and several rumours, including that about the blocking of second hand games are still to be confirmed or denied. It’s going to be released in the 2013 holiday season, but the price is still to be decided on.

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