Word, Taylor Swift:

In a face-off between famous-flame exes, it’s always best to fire the first shot.

Which is what Taylor’s done, at bygone-boyfriend Harry Styles.

Harry Styles In The Little Thing Video

Taylor’s admitted to InStyle Magazine that if she’s gonna compose poison-pen songs about her exes, that “it’s fair game” if the lucky lads scribble their own toxic tunes about her.

“If I’m gonna write songs about my exes,” Taylor confessed, “they can write songs about me.

“That’s how it works,” she admitted.

But will psycho-serial-dater Swifty start screaming “no fair!” if past boy-toys like Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, or John Mayer (just to pick 3 out of Taylor’s hat) compose their own tell-all singalongs about Swifty?

“I’m not gonna complain about it,” Taylor said.

“I’m not gonna sit there and say, ‘I’m the only one who can write songs about this relationship,’” she added.

“It’s fair game,” Taylor concluded.

Taylor Swift In The Video For Begin Again

Unfortunately, Taylor might find her famous lyrics — inspired by real-life heartache — bring heartbreak boomeranging back on her, once the boyz start writing loose-lips lyrics of their own.

Fair game, right?


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