Dunzo and splitsville? Or happy campers in Haylor-ville?

Taylor Swift behind the scenes

Rumors regarding whether country cutie Taylor Swift and Brit hot-bod Harry Styles are kaput or keeping their love-flame blazing keep ping-ponging around the Web.

Now a source close to Taylor’s adding fuel to the media-circus fire, revealing that no matter how or when Haylor ends, there’ll be only be one popstar left holding the blame, in Taylor’s mind.

And it ain’t Taylor.

“She is embarrassed over how people are reacting to her and her relationships,” a Taylor insider told Hollywood Life. “But honestly, [Taylor] believes it’s been the guy’s fault, every time.

“She feels as though she really has to tread lightly, and not date someone seriously for awhile, so people will forget her track record,” revealed the friend.

“Concerning her and Harry,” the insider added, “they don’t talk to each other at all.

“The relationship is as over as possible. They want nothing to do with each other.”

Has Taylor already tanked Harry?

When both singers were in France last week, a source told Us Weekly that Taylor did all humanly possible to “stay far, far away from Harry” at the NRJ Music Awards — she even walked the red carpet nearly 30 minutes after Hazza’s entrance.

“She didn’t want to see him at any point,” the source said.

N’ when Swift sang “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” while Harry stood near the stage, Taylor reportedly “glared” at him. “She was sending [Harry] a message,” the source confided.

Is Taylor batsh** crazy?

Is she stuck in a fairy-tale love-land, and can’t handle a serious relationship?

Should Harry just start waving the white flag, of surrender?

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