As the dust settles from the announcement that X Factor USA has been axed by the Fox network, rumours have been swirling about the real reason.


Was it the disastrous falling ratings? Was it the lack of national interest? Was it the poor choice of judges for season 3? Well Simon has shed some light on the situation that has hit the headlines around the world.

First of all, anyone who knows anything about talent shows knows that X Factor UK has the best legacy of stars out of any show in the world. In my opinion, it even outperforms American Idol.

The thing is, X Factor around the world is pegged to the US version of the show. In New Zealand, contestants from X Factor USA have had amazing chart success because the show was aired there. Far better record sales than those same artists had in the US.

Now that the so called flagship show is gone, the world will be look Simon’s ability to salvage the UK version. Already, the excitement is brewing.

Basically Fox would have continued on with the ailing show, but Simon jumped ship. Here is what Cowell said:

“They would have taken the American show, but they wouldn’t take it without me, so we sort of booted them off, I suppose,” he said.


“But it’s not like that. I don’t know why any show wants to compete in America right now. It’s too flooded, the market. There’s going to be… something like 14 talent shows on American TV [this year]. It’s becoming like a joke.”

Simon still has a foothold in the US market, because America’s Got Talent is still his. That is the number 1 summer show and has been in that top spot since the 2006 season.

Even more competition will come this year, when the adaptation of Rising Star premieres on ABC. It is certainly a rough year, where I think The Voice will come out on top.

Simon was last on the UK show in 2010 which produced One Direction, Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson amongst others. It was the heyday of the show and something Simon wants to return to. He said: “X Factor UK, I’ve always said it’s like my baby,

“I love doing the show. It has found some amazing people and I want to go back to where we left off in 2010. We do another year like that, it will be amazing.

“The main reason I came back is that final year produced 45m album sales. We had a phenomenally successful group of talented people. It tells me they’re [out] there, we’ve just got find them and make them successful.”

We are all looking forward to seeing what you can pull out of the bag Simon!

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