“Pretty Little Liars,” ABC Family’s mega-enormously popular teen mystery drama, will begin shooting Season 4 later this month.

Pretty Little Liars

No official word yet on when Season 4 will premiere, according to ABC.

But already the title for the first episode of the new season has been leaked.

Sources close to the show say Episode One of the fourth season will be titled “A Is For A-L-I-V-E!”

Which means…somebody on the show you presumed is dead…might not be.

Could it be Ali? “A” for “Ali”?


It might mean somebody on the “A” Team might not be dunzo. Like f’rinstance: Toby!


Maybe it means something else!

There are a lot of different scripts for the Season 4 premiere floating around Hollywood, with fans speculating wildly on who will be resurrected.

Some fans of the show also think Maggie will dump her kid off on Ezra.

24 more episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” are coming this year, according to ABC…so Rosewood fans, stay tuned!

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