In every celebrity’s career, there are ups and downs.

Mel B on UK X Factor

High peaks with equally high profile appointments, don’t come around all that often, but for Mel B, 2013 is turning out to be a stunner of a year already.

Locked into a contract with the 7 Network in Australia, it is almost certain that she will return for a 3rd season as a judge on the X Factor Australia.

But just as news has arisen that Sharon Osbourne has left America’s Got Talent and could be heading to its Australian counterpart while Mel B is trotting over to L.A. to take Sharon’s old seat!

Yes, that’s right, America’s Got Talent has just got a whole lot scarier.

The deal would be too good to refuse.

Mel B will take a seat next to Howard Stern and Howie Mandel for this season.

This my Onepopz friends, is called a high point!

Network 7 will bend over backwards to adjust audition dates to suit Mel, so that she can accommodate both jobs.

X Factor Australia starts in September, well after the filming for America’s Got Talent ceases.

What’s more, it gives her exposure around the world because AGT is aired in many important international markets.

The Got Talent franchise is the biggest talent show brand globally and AGT is it’s flagship.

Mel B will have an opportunity to publicise music ventures in Australia and the USA, as she signed with EMI to release new solo material this year.

Be sure to watch out for this feisty lady, because 2013 is definitely her year.

What do you think about the changes?

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