One Direction’s Comic Relief single, a cover of the Blondie rocker “One Way Or Another,” has topped the charts….

In 63 countries!

One Direction in the Gotta Be You Video

The song shot straight to #1 around the world, just two days after it was officially released.

It instantly became the most successful record release for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day charity….EVER!

“We couldn’t have asked for a better band to record the official Red Nose Day single, in our 25th year!” said Comic Relief’s bigwig, Kevin Cahill, after seeing the sales figures on iTunes.

“It’s an absolute coup! And the first time ever we have a massive global-selling single for Comic Relief!” he confessed.

In most countries, the song is outselling its nearest rival, “Harlem Shake,” by a margin of two-to-one.

The Comic Relief exec added, “[One Direction’s] genuine commitment to the work we fund is touching, and I know that their contribution will raise a huge amount to make a real difference.”

All royalties from “One Way Or Another” go directly to Comic Relief’s mission to rid the world of poverty.

N’ the lads in One Direction don’t make a single penny from sales of the record….

Right on, mates!!

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