One Direction fans will get to go everywhere with their hunky heroes, when the 1D 3D movie hits cinema screens.

Even to the toilet.

I ain’t sh***ing you, Directioners (yes, that’s a pun)! Niall Horan announced the Tinseltown toilet-tour during a press conference at the Brit Awards.

Niall Horan In The 1D Movie Trailer

“We’re shooting the movie tonight,” nasty Niall reported.

“It’s actually just been in the toilet with us,” he admitted. “No lie!”

The Niallster then added, “It’s coming out August 30. And it’s going to be very all-access, all-areas.”

“That’s when you can see us in the toilet,” loo-loverboy Liam Payne chimed in.

The guys also trotted out their globetrotting music video for ‘One Way Or Another’ at the Brit Awards — which revealed Niall dancing in a bathtub n’ savoring a sexy sudsy-wudsy shower.

“We’re just massively honored to be a part of it,” said Zayn Malik, switching the subject to speak of the record 1D waxed for the charity Comic Relief, which has zooooooooooomed to #1 in nearly every country. “And we’re just loving the fact that we get to do something amazing for such an amazing cause!”

One Direction’s World Tour kicks off in only a few hours, at London’s famed O2 Arena.

Any of you dudes have a backstage pass for the show?

My little sister sez she’ll trade you her Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush, straight up, bro!

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