Barack Obama just hired the world’s biggest boy-band.

One Direction has been invited by the newly-elected US President, to play a private gig at the White House for his two daughters, 14-year-old Malia and 11-year-old Sasha, as a special “thank you” to the girls for helping his re-election campaign.

Both Malia n’ Sasha are known to be HUGE One Direction fans. The girls are always blasting the band’s singles all over the West Wing, as well as engaging in Twitter wars with friends over who’s the hottest 1D member.

Malia also attended 1D’s concert in Fairfax, Virginia back in May, flanked by Secret Service agents who tried to blend in with the swarms of screaming pre-teen girls.

According to the Daily Star, President Obama’s request to the band is “an open invitation for a date to be arranged that fits with everyone’s busy schedules.

“It’s not every parent who can invite the hottest band in the world to their home,” the Star reported.

“They will be the envy of girls across the world.”

Niall Horan of 1D has been a vocal supporter of the Obama re-election campaign. On Election Night, Niall — who has a keen interested in American politics — tweeted:

“Cmon @barackobama! Let’s go! #voteobama! What a man! 4 more years! Celebrate tonight america! #4more years.”

Liam Payne is also reportedly a humungous Obama fanboy, having his pix taken with a wax figure of the President recently.

One Direction would be the second British musicians to play the White House this year. Mumford And Sons played a gig at a presidential dinner back in March.

Can you imagine being Malia or Sasha Obama?

N’ having those luscious One Direction lads come play a private show, for YOU?


Can the magic carpet ride of One Direction get any more magical??

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