They’ve been there, done that, got the really bad tattoos.

The One Direction boys have quickly become addicted to tattoos and are now well known for being glued to the tattooist’s chair.

Although most of the tattoo’s look like quick scribbles they designed while drunk, we’ve got to admit they’ve got guts. Going through all that pain to be permanently inked with those less than impressive tats for life…

All mocking aside, we thought we’d take a look at all the boys’ tattoos and see if there could possibly be any actual serious meanings behind them.

It only seems right to start with Harry Styles, considering he’s sporting a whopping 37 tattoos!


We’ve put together a whole list of all of his tattoos:

  • Things I Can’t’ on his right arm.
  • Things I can’ to match on his left arm.
  • G’ for Green Bay Packers
  • Aquarius Symbol
  • ‘I can’t change’
  • Key
  • HMS Victory
  • The letter ‘A’ for Anne
  • Padlock
  • Shamrock
  • Heart
  • Crucifix with an ‘m
  • Crucifix with a ‘K
  • NY
  • LA
  • LDN
  • 17BLACK’ – (James Bond’s lucky gamble)
  • Can I Cry?
  • Gemma’ in Hebrew
  • 2 Swallows
  • Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon prism
  • Birdcage
  • An iced gem cookie
  • Star
  • Won’t stop till we surrender
  • SMCL‘ – smile more, cry later (apparently)
  • Hi
  • Theatre masks showing comedy and tragedy
  • Ankle tattoo’s on his right and left, but the design is still unknown
  • 99p
  • Guitar on his back left shoulder
  • A home made tattoo partially covered by his ship
  • A screw tattoo confirmed by Louis

Woah, that’s an awfully big list of tattoos to be able to rack up in just a year!

Harry Styles seen leaving his home in London

It’s really no wonder that Harry’s mum and tattooist have warned him to calm down is it, eh?

It’s also no surprise that loads of Directioners complain about his tattoos, most of them are really quite cheap and tacky looking. It’s almost as if Harry is absolutely content in trying to destroy his body!

But whatever we say will never effect Harry, he’s no doubt going to go off and get some more tattoo’s anyway…

Hopefully they’ll be better than his existing 37.

What do you think of Harry’s tattoos?

Question: Does Harry have too many tats or what?!

Trying to catch up with Harry’s every growing tattoo list is Zayn Malik, with a pretty impressive 29 tattoos of his own.

Zayn’s also wouldn’t be our personal choice in tattoos, but we have to admit they are a tad more attractive than Harry’s…then again, that’s not so hard is it?

When comparing their tattoos, it’s clear to see that Zayn has developed more of a formation with his tattoo’s, soon to be growing into a sleeve as he’s already half way there.

Boy band One Direction performing on stage at Radio City Live event, in Liverpool, UK

Zayn’s tattoos include:

  • A playing card
  • A small jigsaw piece
  • His grandfather’s name (Walter) in Arabic
  • A black shaded heart
  • A silver fern on the back of his neck
  • Friday?
  • A skull on his right shoulder
  • An inscription saying ‘be true to who you are’
  • A microphone
  • An unknown tattoo near his V line
  • A screw on his ankle
  • The outline of a bird
  • A possible unknown ink on his pinky

As we mentioned, Zayn’s also got a crazy kinda half sleeve going on which is made up of

  • A Yin Yang symbol
  • A red and yellow cartoon ‘ZAP!’ .. (Zayn And Perrie?) ;)
  • A bandana which he designed himself
  • A boom box
  • MSG (3 12 12)
  • Crossed fingers
  • Six small tattoos (1,6,5,6,1,6) scattered over his right arm which make up his X factor number
  • ‘Chillin’ with a Paly Tree
  • A Skull with a slingshot on his right arm
  • General clouds and swirls to fill in the half sleeve… obviously

So like we said, we do kinda like some of Zayn’s tats they’re pretty cool!

And even though Harry seems to be leading the tattoo trend amongst the boys, maybe he should take note from good friend Zayn and start getting some better tattoo’s like him…


Up next we have the lovely Louis Tomlinson with his little list of tats that he’s acquired.

When we say little list, that’s just compared to Harry and Zayn when in fact we reckon that 8 tattoos is still quite a hefty amount!

One Direction in Concert - Los Angeles

  • Keeping within the 1D tattoo trend, Louis has a screw on his ankle
  • He also has a scribble of a man on a skate board
  • Empty quote marks
  • Oops!
  • Far Away’
  • Flying birds
  • Compass
  • And a camera

We think Louis’ tattoos are pretty cute, we admire his efforts.


Wonder if he’ll follow in the footsteps of the others though and soon be covered head to toe in tats?

We sure hope not, it would do nothing but ruin his pretty little face!

Liam ‘poor effort’ Payne is trying his best to get on the tattoo bandwagon, bless him.

Harry Styles and One Direction arrive to JFK Airport in New York

He has a few tattoos, 4 to be exact.

But maybe that’s enough? What d’ya reckon?

  • Obviously, Liam has the sacred 1D screw on his ankle
  • As well as four arrows,
  • Everything I Wanted, But Nothing I’ll Ever Need
  • Only Time Will Tell…

Actually, now we come to think of it, wonder how much the ‘screw’ tattoo has increased in popularity over the last year thanks to the 1D boys? Hmm, probably not all that much actually…

Last but not least it’s the almighty Niall Horan.


Looks like he is least actually… apparently he’s a tattoo virgin :/

Hmm, well, we say good on ya Niall! It’s always good not to follow the crowd.

But, will he ever get the trusty screw tattoo or not? ‘Cause surely that’s like their 1D boy code or something.

What would happen if Niall got his first tattoo and it changed him forever?

Like, imagine if he looked like this…


Yep, we will leave you with that thought.

What does everyone think of the boys’ tattoo’s? Hot or Not? :D

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