If you’re a female One Direction fan who would do anything to date your teen idol, repeat the following words and then pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming:

Niall Horan says he would date a fan.

The One Direction heartthrob revealed that sizzling bit of information to Now Magazine recently.

While it’s been rumored Niall’s been dating 20-year-old drama student Amy Green, and drooling after Demi Lovato, Niall claims both are just rumors.

But when asked about his love life by Now, and the subject of potential girlfriends was raised, Niall opened up:

“All these things in the papers about me saying I’d rather sleep than find a girl is ridiculous,” he confessed. “I was just explaining that on my time off I like to chill.”

Does Niall Horan want a girlfriend right now?

“I’m not actually looking,” Niall responded “But if the right girl came along, definitely.”

And would Niall date a 1D fan? A lucky lady from the legion of One Directioners?

“Maybe,” Niall admitted. “Again, if the right person came along….”

“Anything’s possible!” Niall added.

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