Ooh, would you look at that! It’s another OnePopz new artist for us to rave about!


Antony James Llewellyn, otherwise known as Anttix, is a British recording artist and songwriter.

He has toured the UK recently with some MASSIVE names in the music industry including artists such as Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran, Conor Maynard and The Saturdays!

How cool is that, eh?

Anttix signed with Famous in April 2012, and released his first mainstream promotional single “Fame and TV”, alongside a music video on VEVO.

The single sparked a massive international following, attracting global attention with millions of views of promo videos and live sessions.

Anttix has bounced on to the music scene at just the right time, and we’re expecting big things from him.

His brand new debut single ‘Tornado’ has just been released, and is already receiving global coverage and has gained a whopping number of views from his ‘Fanttix’.

Described by critics as “freshly squeezed and frenetically blitzed to chart pop perfection”, it’s one to look out for.

We think Anttix could take the music world by storm, and our predictions are usually pretty accurate ;)

Plus, he’s pretty hot too, don’t you think? :D

Check out his awesome hit here, and let us know what you think!

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