“It’s been really fun watching him grow and transition,” revealed Justin Bieber’s mom, to MTV News.

But it was another of Justin’s “growths” that Patti Mallette, The Bieb’s mother, was most concerned about, during the interview.

Justin Bieber

“I’m not a big fan,” she confessed, when asked her opinion of Justin’s new mustache. “I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it.”

JB’s mum was asked what’s it been like to be the mother of a worldwide popstar n’ teen idol.

“It’s just been this crazy whirlwind,” Patti Mallette said. “And I’m just along for the ride.”

As she answered the question, Justin interrupted to kiss his sweet mama on the cheek. “How beautiful is my mommy?” he asked the MTV cameras.

Patti Mallette then revealed that die-hard Beliebers and JB’s devoted social media disciples also consider her their very own mum.

“There’s like 3 million Twitter followers who call me Mom,” she said.

The interview with Justin’s mom took place at the red-carpet premiere for JB’s newest 3D documentary movie, “Believe.” The Bieb’s previous slice of cinema, “Never Say Never,” opened to $29.5 million in ticket sales.

But “Believe” so far has tanked, taking in only $4.2 million at the box office in its first week.

What do you think of The Bieb’s funky ‘stache?

Do you wish he’d let it grow? Or should Justin lose the lip fungus?

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