Pink shoes weren’t the only thing Justin Bieber picked up in London last night.

JB spend the night partying in prep for the Brit Awards, sporting neon pink sneakers ‘long with the usual JB swag.

Justin Bieber

Later, photographers snapped him picking up two LOVELY LADIES at the BLC nightclub.

The titillating trio then hopped in a taxicab, and trooped off together into the London night.

Tabloids reported Justin “looked wasted” — evidently becuz the Canadian Prince of Pop Music was WEARING SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT.

And a mighty night it had been for my man The Bieb — first supping at Mint Leaf, where he had a late dinner.

Then rocking at Roadhouse, a super-trendy Covent Garden bar.

JB then cruised over to Amika, a stylish club in ol’ Kensington, mate, before winding up at members-only British Luxury Club at 4 in the frickin’ morning.

Off into the wee hours with the two mystery girls Justin then retreated, with his new girlfriends having a giggle in the backseat of JB’s cab.

“we are a good time,” the superstar singer tweeted the next night.

We are totally believing you, JB.

We are also hoping one of those girls you picked up can tutor you on grammar, bro.

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