Is Lady Gaga OK? Instagram don’t think so.


The actual Instagram have contacted the singer via email, expressing concerns for her… which is a bit odd.

Lady Gaga’s Instagram feed mainly comprises of gorgeous selfies of the star, until recently.

Prior to the email from Instagram, Gaga had posted pictures of handwritten lyrics which read “Each day I cry, I feel so low from living high.” and “My heart would break without you, might not awake without you, been hurtin’ low from living high for so long. I’m sorry and I love you.”

Instagram never specified in their email as to which posts in particular they had an issue with, but we’re just going to go ahead and guess that it was directly aimed at these.

Lady Gaga took to Twitter to post: “omg at this email INSTAGRAM just sent me,”

The star then later posted “what the actual hell. hahahaha” along with this screenshot of said email:


Oh dear. That does not sound brilliant, does it?

I mean, we’re sure there’s nothing to worry about, people post pictures of similar reading lyrics every day, don’t they?

She seems fine to us anyway, and is all ready to release her brand new album ARTPOP on November 11.

What do you guys think? Should we be worried about Gaga?

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