Just what 1D fangirls have NOT been waiting for — sources inside the boy-band say Harry Styles has gotten paranoid about getting naked.

Seems Harry’s suspicious of fans secretly snapping naughty nude photos of him, since the Prince Harry-puts-the-crown-jewels-on-display-in-Vegas scandal hit the streets.

Styles, the curly-haired 1D cutie, has said openly he has a habit of “getting naked all the time,” in previous interviews with the press.

But the bare-butt-naked Royal Family photos have changed the singer’s mind.

Known to be the band’s biggest party-hardy pin-up boy and a fantastic flirt, Styles is a regular in the British club scene. Tabloids n’ eyewitness accounts of Harry being drunk in public (the legal drinking age in England is 18) are London legend.

Legend also has it that on the day One Direction first met, Harry insisted the boys all get naked, as a group mixer.

Add to that 1D bud Ed Sheeran’s radio report that he once cruised in the One Direction car with the band, and that Harry suddenly decided to drop trousers n’ get nude.

Pay attention to this part, girls:

Sheeran reports that Harry’s “very well-endowed,” and “packing heat.”

So don’t expect to see any strip-pool party pix or full-frontal photos of our hunk Harry and his willy in a VIP suite on the Web anytime soon, ladies.

As for whether Ed Sheeran’s right…I guess Caroline Flack will have to be the teenage ladies’ man’s judge on that one…

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