Putdown or payback?

Harry Styles sez neither, yo.

The One Direction superstar was being pumped point-blank about psycho-girl singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, his Haylor ex, and her apparent diss of 1D’s curly-haired cutie at the recent Grammy Awards.

Taylor seemed to mock Harry mercilessly while singing onstage, belting out “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” then doing an impression of Styles by chatting in a fake Brit accent.

Taylor Swift At The Grammys 2013

But gentleman Harry brushed off any bad mojo about Swift’s live TV putdown (or was it a meltdown?).

“Oh, it’s fine,” Harry told Capital FM.

“She’s a great performer, and she’s always good on the stage. She’s done it for a long time.

“She knows what she’s doing on stage,” Harry added. “It was just another good Taylor Swift performance. It was good!”

When Harry was asked about the couple’s break-up, he swiftly replied:

“I’m okay. Thanks for asking. Yeah, I’m good,” he added. “Don’t worry about me!”


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