Sheerios, pay attention:

My man Ed Sheeran can’t wait until his next album is released to you.

Unfortunately, it won’t be for another 300-plus days. That’s right, Ed’s second album won’t hit the airwaves n’ your eardrums until the Year 2014.

Even though the album is DUNZO.

Ed Sheeran In The Lego House Video

Ed sez, “Yeah, pretty much finished it, to be honest.”

He told MTV News, “I think it’s always healthy to have time.”

Is Ed The Red sticking to the same soulful love-songs for the lovesick, this time around? Or is Ginger-Head Ed heading into darker terrain?

“I’ve had a different inspiration on this record, obviously,” Ed sez. “I haven’t had the same experiences, so it will be different, but only from the sense it won’t be tackling such dark matters.

“Maybe it will,” he then teased, “maybe something really bad will happen within the next nine months and I’ll write about that. It’s a bit of a happier album, I think…

“At least,” Ed laughed, “some of the songs are happy!”

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