We all love a good boyband, and this year it looks like we’ve got a fair few to drool over.

Of course, these guys have a long way to go before they reach success like One Direction and become the worlds biggest boyband.

But it’s worth a shot, right?

Union J


The Union J boys first appeared on the UK X Factor in 2012 as ‘Triple J’.

They soon made a name for themselves when singer George Shelley was added to the group and they transformed into ‘Union J’.

George, JJ, Josh and Jaymi quickly developed a fan base and had girls everywhere screaming their names.

They’re forever being compared to One Direction, especially with the likeness in appearance of George and Harry Styles.

But, we reckon theres something different about them, somewhere…

They didn’t win X Factor, but they got to the semi-finals and managed to bump boyband rivals District 3 off the show in a battle of the boybands.

So, could the hot Union J boys be the next big thing?

Well, they’ve been pretty quiet since the X Factor, but have revealed that they’ve signed a record deal with Sony Music.

That’s pretty big stuff!

And they recorded their debut single in January 2013, which will be released in June 2013.

We’ve gotta say, we’re looking forward to it!

District 3

'The X Factor' 2012 Contestants arrive at their hotel after rehearsals

District 3 is made up of Dan, Micky and Greg and were also contestants on the UK X Factor.

They didn’t do quite as well as the Union J boys, but they still got a pretty strong fan base behind them.

The two boybands caused a bit of controversy in the show though, fans thought that Union J were only in it for the fame, but people believed that District 3 were truly in it for their love of music and their fans.

So, they got some brownie points for that.

They’re 3 nice lads with a lot of potential, but people are still yet to find that big ‘spark’ with them.

District 3 have gone pretty quiet since X Factor.

But we’re hoping that’s because they’ve locked themselves away to produce something awesomely-spectacular to hit us with!

We hope so, we like them.

Emblem 3


Emblem 3 is a US boyband made up of Wesley, Keaton and Drew.

They auditioned for the US X Factor, and made it through to the live shows, until getting voted out in the Semi-finals.

Despite this, they’ve made a massive name for themselves and are pretty big in the US.

We reckon the boys could do pretty well, they’re hot. That usually works.

They have a ‘cool’ kinda vibe about them which is what girls are crazy about.

Not only that, but they sound good together and will no doubt produce some good music.

We just hope that they make it big enough to reach us over in the UK!

Since the X Factor, the boys have signed a joint record deal with Syco Music and Columbia Records.


The Collective


Now, bringing something a bit different to the table is Australian boyband The Collective.

Made up of Trent, Julian, Zach, Jayden and Will, the boys give a more ‘rock’ vibe to the boyband soon.

The Collective made it all the way through to the grand final of the Australian X Factor, but sadly finished in third place.

The boys are forever being praised for their voices and despite initially auditioning as solo artists, the boys have a great look together.

We reckon they’ll appeal to a load of girls and could make it big!

In November 2012, they signed a contract with Sony Music and their version of the winners song ‘Surrender’ was released the next day as their debut single, selling 35,000 copies.

They released their mini-album ‘The Collective’ on 14 December featuring their debut single, six recorded versions of songs they performed on the show and a cover of Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’.

The album debuted at number 11 on the ARIA Albums Chart and was certified gold.

However, when ‘Last Christmas’ was released, it failed to make success.

At the ‘Poprepublic.tv IT List Awards’, The Collective received two nominations for ‘Favourite Australian Group’ and ‘Breakthrough Artist of 2012

Woah, they’ve been busy!

Who thinks The Collective could be the next big thing?

The Risk

the risk

You may not remember The Risk. These guys were contestants on UK X Factor 2011.

The band, made up of Andy, Derry, Charlie and Ashley made it through to the 5th live show before getting the boot.

The boys made an impact, girls loved them but people thought they were maybe a bit too old.

That didn’t stop them though, they were determined to make it!

Since then, we’ve not heard much from them, until now.

The boys have recently released their less than impressive sing;e ‘missiles’, which charted at number 60 on the UK singles chart.

Yeah, we’re not a fan.

We don’t reckon it’ll do that well and if they really want to make it, they’re going to have to come up with some better stuff.

Sorry, boys!

But, maybe they’re still a contender?

Listen to their song here, and let us know what you think.

Who’s your fave 2013 boyband so far? :D

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