Did Taylor Swift get a boob job?

Rumors hit the Web yesterday that the country superstar recently had her breasts enhanced.

Fans say Swift has a “noticeably bigger chest, and a bigger bust” in new commercials for Target.

N’ Web tabloid HollywoodLife claims the Target videos show proof-positive that Taylor had a boob job, though the singer’s sources absolutely deny it.

The new Target commercials show a stunning-looking Taylor, in a tight blue dress, promoting her new album, “Red.”

N’ yeah, studying the video, Taylor does kinda look bigger-breasted…..But it could be a lot of things….I mean a new bra….A 22-year-old girl starting to fill out…Breast implants….

A new bra? Or new boobs?

Do you believe Taylor Swift went under the knife?

Are her boobs real?

Or are the rumors of bigger boobs more proof that the media are the biggest boobs of all?

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