A dream-team of female action-heroes n’ butt-kicking bitches could be ready to rampage the multiplexes, in the next sequel to The Expendables movie franchise.

Expendables 3, already in the works after the bruising box-office returns of Expendables 2, could be an all-girl version of the action-franchise, if the rumors floating around Tinsel Town are true.

Can you say “The Expenda-Belles”? KICK-ASS!!!

Names being tossed around to play the inglorious bastard chicks on the flick are an all-star cast of avenging angels, including ex-Lara Craft Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie, Kill Bill’s Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Jennifer Garner, and Kate “Whup-Ass” Beckinsale.

Original Alien bazooka-totin’ babe Sigourney Weaver and that testosterone turn-on from the Terminator movies Linda Hamilton are already linked to the movie.

(Izzit too late to add Scarlett Johansson to the supergirl smackdown?)

The producers say Nicolas Cage has already been cast in the next Expendables. The musclebound-men series is also rumored to be in negotiations with Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford, to join the mayhem mashup.

Dude, this fanboy cannot wait to see these big-bicep girls handle the jumbo weaponry, and blow sh** up.

I am so PUMPED UP!!

Who would YOU like to see cast, in an all-female Expendables 3?

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